Hot Melt adhesives for packaging

Hot Melt adhesives for sealing cardboard boxes, trays and cases, showing excellent adhesiveness within a wide temperature range (-40°C a +60°C). Especially recommended for frozen goods packaging.

Very low application temperature, 130°-145°C and very low VOC.

These adhesives provide excellent thermal stability and good adhesiveness, even with highly recycled materials. Especially developed for surfaces that are difficult to bond (low surface energy materials)


Hot Melt – pallets

HM 1830

Pallets stabilization
Excellent thermal stability
Very low VOC

Hot Melt – cardboard boxes, trays and cases

HM 125

– Very efficient even with highly recycled material
– Excellent adhesiveness within a wide range of temperatures (-40°C a +60°C)
– Recommended for frozen goods. Suitable for Deep Freeze
– Low application temperature 130°-145°C
– Excellent thermal stability
– Very low VOC

HM 127

– Excellent adhesiveness for difficult to bond surfaces (low surface energy substrates)
– Excellent bonding within a vast range of temperatures (-17°C a +70°C)
– Ideal for frozen goods
– Low viscosity
– Excellent thermal stability
– Very low VOC