High tech


Labelling adhesives for returnable glass bottles

Newtonian synthetic adhesives for labelling returnable glass bottles with very low surface tension for paper labels. These high performance adhesives exhibit an excellent wetting ability.

Offering high IWR and CWR they were developed with low shear for easy wash-off.


Labelling adhesives for returnable PET bottles

Adhesives for labelling returnable PET bottles with paper labels. Especially developed for damp bottles, exposed to high levels of condensation.

These adhesives were designed with a low shear to offer superior washability.

Hot Melt adhesives
for packaging

Hot Melt adhesives for sealing cardboard boxes, trays and cases, showing excellent adhesiveness within a wide temperature range (-40°C a +60°C). Especially recommended for frozen goods packaging.

Very low application temperature, 130°-145°C and very low VOC.

These adhesives provide excellent thermal stability and good adhesiveness, even with highly recycled materials. Especially developed for surfaces that are difficult to bond (low surface energy materials).

Hygienic seals
adhesives for cans

Newtonian synthetic adhesive for hygienic seals, designed for labelling aluminium cans with protective foil.

Excellent stability and high initial tack.

Transparent fugitive adhesive.

Quality assurance

Tecnicom applies a quality assurance system to meet the IRAM-IACC-ISO 9001:2008 requirements. The objective of this system is to certify the stages of design, production, inspection, conservation and distribution to guarantee that its products fulfill the needs and expectations of its clients.

Letter of Conformity

SMETA 4-pillar audit